KellieWelcome!  As president of KM Training Solutions I want to assure you that every training, event or consultation is all about you.  Through the years, my colleagues and I have used core principles as a baseline to assist you in improving your personal safety and the quality of life of those in your care.

In 2003, I was part of a team from NAMI Indiana (National Alliance on Mental Illness) who developed a program for prison personnel to have a better understanding of mental illness, and to improve communication and interactions with the offenders.  The results were striking.  "Use of force" among those trained decreased by 70%.

I continued to work heavily in this area making improvements along the way,establishing new partnerships and realizing substantial positive results.  In 2006, this work was recognized by the Indiana Department of Correction who awarded me the "Unlocking the Mystery of Mental Illness" award.

Since then, my team has developed training for jail staff, law enforcement, Community Corrections, Parole, Probation, Work Release, attorneys and others who work in the criminal justice system.  I have worked extensively bringing key stakeholders together to establish CIT (Crisis Intervention Teams) in their communities.  Recently, with a team of colleagues, we developed CIT for Corrections for NIC (the National Institute of Corrections).

I have served as an adviser to the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) in Alexandria, VA to help establish policy enhancing officer safety as related to mental illness.  When law enforcement, mental health professionals and advocates come together, the results have been powerful and rewarding.

Once this process begins, new initiatives have formed.  I have developed programming directly for offenders to better understand their illness as well as to work as companions for others with mental illness in a facility.  Additionally, I have partnered to create veterans units and work with Veteran Re-entry specialists and Veteran Justice Outreach Coordinators to assist with re-entry and access to treatment and benefits.

It is my sincere pleasure to find the solution that is best for you.

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